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Kanchi Periva: Dear Members, for all your doubts on who can chant Gayatri Mantra, please read Periva's discourse on the topic here: Sept 25, 2015 16:18:59 GMT 5.5
ajayvaineela: Dear Administrator it was in Tamil, I am from Andhrapradesh my native language is i don't know Tamil. I am Hindu, but not Brahmin. Can you please tell me can i do Gayathi Mantram or not? Sept 25, 2015 17:35:46 GMT 5.5
suryasingh1234: Should only the elder or all sons perform Mahalaya Shraddha? Sept 27, 2015 13:52:20 GMT 5.5
krsiyer: thanks for sharing. this should have been a great help to people who do not have access to sastrigal and at the same time do not wish to compromise with our culture/procedures. Sept 30, 2015 17:26:30 GMT 5.5
ajayvaineela: Dear Rajagopal sir, thanks for this. Regarding Mantra blessed by Maha Periva, you mentioned Am Bhagava(ha) : Am Bhagava(ha) : Am Bhagava(ha). Here i didn't get what is (ha) ? can you please clarify? Sept 30, 2015 19:35:30 GMT 5.5 *
choodamani: Namaskaram to all. I am seeking Periva's anugraham for my husband. Tomorrow is a critical day for him. I pray Periva to be with my husband and I seek all our Periva's followers wishes & prayers. Thanks to All. Oct 1, 2015 19:57:14 GMT 5.5
tambaram: namaskaram! can we put kolam after gving mahalayam on thiti day? Thnx in advance! Oct 1, 2015 22:35:33 GMT 5.5
veeran: I am 69 years old. Brahmin, Iyer. I have seen the practice of celebrating Bhima Ratha Santhi only for the last 20 years. Before that, I have never heard any one celebrating Bhima Ratha Santhi, although Sashtiapthapoorthy and Sathabishekam were common from Oct 2, 2015 14:33:16 GMT 5.5
veeran: I just request the learned members to explain Oct 2, 2015 14:33:28 GMT 5.5
veeran: what is the sanctity of Bhima Ratha santhi? Is there any mention of this in any sasthra, Puranas? Mahabaratha or Ramayana never mention this? Is it just created by some just like any birthday? My father never did, so many sastrigal or famous Brahmins in My Oct 2, 2015 14:37:01 GMT 5.5
gayathrirajagopal: Dear Smt.Choodamani, Any critical situation will become a comfortable situation for your husband. Your relentless prayer will be answered by Periva without fail. I too will submit my prayer to Periva for your family. Success will breed further success. Oct 2, 2015 18:41:05 GMT 5.5
choodamani: Respected GayathriRajagopal Sir, I do not know how to say 'Thanks' to your prayer. I do not know how to contact you over phone or in person. Regarding my husband's situation, the meeting has been postponed to Oct5th. Thanking you, Choodamani. Oct 2, 2015 19:14:35 GMT 5.5
gayathrirajagopal: Dear Smt.Choodamani, your prayer and my prayer will be answered by Periva without loss of time.Periva will pave the way for all your expectations.Let Periva bless you and your husband abundantly.Your dreams will come true cent percent.-Rajagopal Oct 2, 2015 19:53:00 GMT 5.5
gayathrirajagopal: Dear Sri.Veeran, your message would have been seen by periva forum members.Certainly you will get a reply else you can post directly to Periva forum. They will do the needful.Periva forum information is an authenticated info for you.-Rajagopal Oct 2, 2015 20:00:54 GMT 5.5
Kanchi Periva: Sri , please read the thread here to understand more about Bhima Ratha Santhi Oct 3, 2015 21:41:46 GMT 5.5
Kanchi Periva: Dear Member - Kolam can be put on the Thiti day after performance of the Pitru Karma Rituals, not before Oct 3, 2015 21:42:18 GMT 5.5
Sumi: Please click on this link to download the Navaratri Special Ebooks published by the Kanchi Periva Forum in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 - Oct 6, 2015 16:12:58 GMT 5.5
Sumi: Please click on this link to listen to Sri Maha Periva's sweet discourse on Ambal which runs to almost 75 minutes - Oct 6, 2015 16:37:01 GMT 5.5
choodamani: Dear Members,Today is the critical day for my husband. I seek Periva's and all the member's wish for my husband. Oct 6, 2015 20:41:21 GMT 5.5
kangrinpoqe: Hello, logged in for the first time on this site. Let Periyava bless the world. Oct 9, 2015 9:16:57 GMT 5.5